old pic

Today I heard from a friend I met 16 years ago who wanted to let me know she saw me on TV this week and was very proud.

She was in the audience at my second-ever show and was/is a total knockout. I bombed horribly, yet she still gave me a ride home to Long Island and we made out for hours. That’s when I realized, “Hmm – there may be more to this business than just telling jokes.”



*  Remind me of this post when I start bitching about audiences, managers, bookers, TV execs, clubs, money, festivals, podcasts, hotel rooms, airports, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties (wuss!), drunks, auditions, writer’s block, other comics, drugs & alcohol, lack of drugs & alcohol, trying to maintain a relationship, maintain an erection, maintain my sanity, filthy accommodations, lower back pain from long drives, gas prices, fender benders, parking tickets, parking garages, no change for the vending machine, legal departments, high expectations, low expectations, no expectations, why isn’t there a stool onstage, for me to put my damn bottle of water on, open mics, broken mics, broken mic stands, broken hearts, bad lighting, antidepressants, nervous breakdowns, freak outs, dry cleaning, lukewarm irons, lukewarm reviews, and that erection problem again that only happened 2 1/2 times but hey you know