celebrity harrasser meet-n-greets

Pervs of a feather get together, sharing fondling memories, grip exercises & robe-loosening techniques.

(Not pictured: Roy Moore, Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, Brett Ratner, Jeremy Piven, Bill O’Reilly, John Conyers, James Toback, Ben Affleck, Donald Trump, Dustin Hoffman, Jeffrey Tambor, George HW Bush, Woody Allen, Roger Ailes, John Lasseter, Chris Savino, Roy Price, R Kelly, Steven Seagal, George Takei, Michael Oreskes, Hamilton Fish, Richard Dreyfuss, Mark Halperin, Russell Simmons, Leon Wieseltier, Glenn Thrush, Roy Price, Matt Zimmerman, Andrew Kreisberg, Nelly, Lockhart Steele, Terry Richardson, Gary Goddard, Mel Gibson, Tom Sizemore, Matthew Weiner, Ed Westwick, Nick Carter, Ron Jeremy, Mark Schwahn, Adam Venit, Andy Dick, Stephen Collins…)

LEVEL 1: Alleged groping meets + alleged humor = excessive tweediness at the Minnesota Stare Unfair. Keep yer hands to yourself, why dontcha. download

LEVEL 2: Installing secret locks, trawling for teenage cocks. Smug levels HIGH.24232754_10154766170976741_3767124779026786898_n

LEVEL 3: No one’s wearing pants under that table. Why don’t you come to my room and talk about it?
*Live audience, we recommend balcony seating outside the front row “splash zone.”hqdefault

LEVEL 4: Bundling cash and trundling for gash. We’re with HER, all right.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!