this week’s comedy schedule

September ends with headlining nights at Empire Casino in Yonkers and McGuire’s in Bohemia, Long Island. BE THERE!

McGuire's promo

Tues 9/26 – In Hot Water on 2:00pm
…plus… Tom Shillue Show on FOX News Radio 5:00-6:00pm
Wed 9/27 – Empire Casino, Yonkers NY 8:00pm
Thurs 9/28 – McGuire’s Comedy Club, Bohemia NY 8:00
Fri 9/29 – Headlining McGuire’s 8:00pm
Sat 9/20 – Headlining McGuire’s 7:00 & 9:30
*** use online code JOED917 for 2-for-1 tix ***


don’t let comedy destroy your body

something right

Geez Louise check out that protruding gut from 2008. I’ll consult this whenever I wonder if I’m headed in the right direction (which is often).

Let this be a warning to you, young comics! When you first start working the road, it’s easy to ingest nothing but comedy club hamburgers, wings, fries, etc. since no one eating a free meal at 11:30pm gets a salad. Factor in vending machine snacks, gas station meals, and booze, and before you know it, you’ll look and feel like crap.

I’ve earned my lesson, so now I try to hit a local grocery store before I get to the hotel to stock up on apples, carrots, nuts, and above all a gallon of H2O. I don’t need a fridge for those. I also like to grab a few protein drinks and some sugar-free Red Bull since I don’t like coffee or cocaine.

If I’m there more than 2 days, I bring workout gear and try to find a local gym. When I was obsessed with hot yoga, I’d look up the local studio and only pack a swimsuit and headband. It gives me something to do instead of pretending I’m writing when I’m actually hiding under the covers until showtime. Hotel pools are also a great workout for me since I don’t know how to swim – trying to not drown burns a lot of calories. 

If you don’t have the means or $ for that, make sure you bring walking shoes and hit the streets, or do yoga and calisthenics in your room. I despise running, but worst-case scenario I’ll jog a few flights up and down the back staircase. Local parks & playgrounds provide jungle gyms for chin ups or hanging to decompress your spine after a flight or long car ride. If you have room in your car, invest in a portable chin-up bar and/or a kettlebell. I keep both in my car next to a mic, extra cables, and stand.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.10.10 AM

These are cheap and work in just about any door with molding and ceiling headroom. Don’t try to use them if it’s an extra-wide handicapped doorway, though. I had one come crashing down and split my scalp open moments before doing a TV promo. Stupid wheelchairs!

Even if you don’t “like” to exercise, find something that keeps you moving around – preferably outside for a few minutes a day so you can get Vitamin D and stave off the 1-2 punch of loneliness + depression. Trust me – you’ll need it.

Get out of that crappy hotel room. Move around. Breathe. Clear your mind. You’ll have a happier life and a longer career.

comedy fitness podcast – with curse words!

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 12.23.58 AM

Talking with fit & funny Camille Theobald on her Healthy AF podcast. We discuss my brief powerlifting career, how exercise keeps me feeling not-as-old, and what it’s like doin’ it with a woman on PEDs.

WARNING: Contains graphic language and life-changing motivation!