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Knowing Brad like I do, I don’t think he’ll mind me posting this (esp. after all he’s been through). So many times I’d tell him, “Hang in there buddy – you’ll find a girl someday!” and he’d laugh and say, “Maybe I’m good at playing cards.” Brad was a good sport but I could tell he was hurting inside. Also, I didn’t get the joke at first until he said it while we were playing rummy – I think it has something to do with luck? With Brad it’s hard to tell.

Dating’s not easy for anyone, but when I think of what he’s up against… let’s just say there were times when I thought it was never going to happen. TBH we were all pretty tired of him showing up solo, moping around, moaning about the unfairness of life, etc, etc. Talk about a buzzkill.

Anyway, good luck Brad of course not that you’ll need it hahaha. Enjoy that special lady & try not to get your hopes too high because we’d hate to see you get disappointed (again). Just goes to show, there’s a lid for every pot!

#bradpitt #dating #hanginthere #single #love #happy #cute


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