Week of 9/16/18 – NYC & Michigan ahoy!

Sunday 9/16 – Sunday Night Live at Broadway Comedy Club 9pm.
Click HERE for tickets – this is one of my favorite shows in NYC.

Monday 9/17 – Tom Shillue Show on FOX News Radio 5pm
Broadway Comedy Club 9pm

Tuesday 9/18 – David Feldman Show podcast

Thursday 9/20 – Pop Your Cherry show at The Museum of Sex 8pm.
I’m in the storytelling segment regaling you with the tale of my first three-way (which was also my only three-way and probably the one I’ll have before I die)
The Red Flag Dating Show at Carolines on Broadway 9pm. Featuring Tank Sinatra a relationship panel, and possibly some grab-assin’.

Friday 9/21 – PIX Theatre in Lapeer, Michigan.
Headlining with a lineup of local lunatics, get yer tix HERE.

Saturday 9/22 – Temple Theatre in Saginaw, Michigan.
Headlining with more goofballs from the Great Lakes State.


Pop Cherry.jpgScreen Shot 2018-09-16 at 4.17.20 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-09-16 at 4.22.06 PM.png


Author: joedevitoblog

Comedian and writer. We'll get through this together. http://www.joedevito.com/schedule

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