April 19th album recording show in NYC


(Our Three’s Comedy! show will make you laugh until you’re squinty-eyed.
L to R: Vicky Kuperman, some lucky douchebag, Kyle Ocasio. Photos by Mindy Tucker)

IT’S ALMOST HERE! Thursday April 19th – 2 big shows with Kyle Ocasio Vicky Kuperman for our “Three’s Comedy” album recording at the historic Duplex Cabaret Theatre in NYC. Tix are even cheaper w/online code TWOFORONE.
Click here to choose the 7:00 show or 9:30 show .

A few months ago, I was thinking about how I wanted to get more material on SiriusXM radio and Spotify but my usual plan of “not doing anything about it” wasn’t getting results. I must’ve been manifesting like a MFer because at that very moment Kyle Ocasio contacted me asking if I’d be interested in collaborating with her and Vicky Kuperman. I countered with several alternate scenarios – primarily of a sexual nature – and once Kyle stopped hanging up on me, we developed a plan. 

We’re each doing 20 minutes for an album with a tentative summer release date, and if you already have my multi-thousand selling debut album First Date with Joe DeVito (and if you don’t, totally WTF), this material will be new to you. I’ve been running options for this set at my last few shows, and I’m stoked about the reaction it’s getting. The vegetables they’re throwing are fresher than ever!

Here’s more info you can share with your friends. Spread the word and help us pack the place for a nice, rowdy studio audience. See you there!

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