busy boy week of 8/14-20

Tons o’ fun schedule for this week. FOX News Radio is having me fill in for Tom Shillue in what I can only assume was an extraordinary lapse of judgement,  followed by a bunch of NYC spots. Then my storytelling class showcase followed by my comedy class students graduating. Then a weekend in Indy, back to Long Island in time to clean up and head east to close the festivities at McGuire’s.

Also, this week I get to double the dose on my psychiatric meds.
Fun fun fun fun (muffled sobbing) fun fun fun!

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 11.21.26 PM

on last week’s David Feldman podcast

On middle age:
“… where your raging impotently dovetails nicely with your actual impotence.”

Click the image for the You Tube link posted Aug 5. Times are approximate:
0 – 13:45 San Antonio and Segway comedy
13:46 – 20:35 Psych drugs and fast food
20:36 – 39:51 David is mean to Hoarders
39:52 – 41:25 the bullshit builds up
41:26 my new take on intimacy

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.25.18 AM